Ordering Wine by Bin Number in Micros Simphony 2024

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What is a Wine BIN Number?

A wine bin number is a storage area where wines are kept before being sold to customers. Essentially it’s an organization system designed to locate wine bottles faster for restaurants that sell a large selection of wines. 

Restaurants still use this numbering system to make it easier for their employees to locate the bottles in the cellar when a server places an order. 

We can use this number also to make it easier for servers to locate the bottle in the Simphony POS using the search feature. Once the order is sent, the ticket will print in the bar with the wine name and bin number, and the server or sommelier can take the ticket and easily locate the wine. 

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Programming Wine BIN Numbers in Simphony

The best way to program your wine bim numbers is by using the “Third Name” field in the menu item definition and a search button that locates menu items (wines in our case) by the “third name”. 

We are very accustomed to the First and Second name in the Menu Item definition section, but if you scroll all the to the right, there is also a “Third Name”, which is almost never used. Being located all the way to the right, most managers don’t even know it exists. 

The system has the capability to search by first name and second name, so why are going to use the third name? I prefer to use the third name for wine bin numbers because, during the search, the results will only be wines. If we just add the bin number to the name of the wine in the First name field and we program our button to search by first name, we will also find all the regular food items creating confusion and causing delays.

So here are the steps I take to program my bottles of wine:

Step 1: Add all your wines in the system

This step is very straightforward, we will add all our wines in EMC in the Menu Item Maintenance Module, preferably by category. I like to keep my bottles separate from the glasses and separate them in: red, white, rose, and sparking/champagne. 

If you need a reminder on adding menu items, check out this article on Menu Items.

Step 2: Add the name and Wine BIN Number to the Third Name

As I mentioned before, we will use the Third Name field to add the name and bin number. I prefer to add both, so you can search both by name and bin number in order to make the server’s job as easy as possible. 

Open the Menu Item Maintenance module and go to the definition area. Scroll all the way to the right and locate the Third Name Field.

Then add the Name and Bin Number to the field. 

Wine Bin Number

Step 3: Add the Search Button in Page Design

If you have a large selection of wines, you probably have a dedicated wine screen. I like to design mine by adding categories at the top for Wine by the Glass (White, Red, Rose) and a button to search bottles of wine by bin number. 

I use 3 Visual state buttons to change my dynamic SLU for glasses and the search key right next to it, making it look seamless for the servers.

Programming the button is very easy, simply open Page Design, add a new button, format it to the color and shape you want, and call it “Bottle of Wine” or something similar. 

The type will be “Function -> Order Menu Item by Name 3”

Step 4: Test the Wine Bin Number Button

The final step will be to test out our configuration. Update the workstation, sign in, and start a test check. 

Then press the Bottle of Wine button, and you should see a pop-up with a keyboard, a search bar, and a list of wines on the right. 

Enter the wine bin number or the name in the search bar, select the wine, and click ok. 

Also, make sure you send and print your check to see how it looks on the order device. 

If you want to learn how I programmed my entire wine screen, watch this video.

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Ordering Wine by Bin Number

I hope you enjoyed my quick tutorial on how to configure your search feature for wine bottles and that you find it useful when you are programming your wine screen. 

If you have any other questions, please let me know in the comments below!

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