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Welcome to SimSupport.online!

My name is Micheal Konrad, a hospitality enthusiast from Miami, Florida, and my goal is to help you optimize your Oracle Hospitality Simphony POS.

I’ve been working in Hospilitaly for my entire life as a server, manager, and, eventually, IT support. 

My motto is “know your system, love your system”. If you understand your POS and know how to optimize it, you and your staff will enjoy working with it.

Simphony is a complex system because it’s made to suit all kinds of businesses, from small cafes and fast-food places to a 5-star sit-down restaurants. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make it very user-friendly, and while you don’t need to be a programming expert or learn any code, you do need to learn quite a bit about the system, even for the most basic tasks. I’ve been in your shoes, frustratingly calling the help desk for hours on end, but in time I learned how to utilize the system and enjoy it now. I want to use my first-hand experience to fast-track your learning and create this online community. 

So, who am I?

My journey in hospitality started in my high school years as a line cook in a small restaurant in Maryland. I then move to the front of the house as a busboy first, then a server, and eventually a restaurant manager. I enjoyed working on the computer, and the General Manager was very happy to let me learn and become the “computer guy”. I learned Simphony well in the next two years and decided to apply for a job at a local IT company that offered support for Micros (now Oracle Hospitality). Having experience in all areas of the restaurant has helped me tremendously in my career as a POS consultant, and I worked, learned, and grew in this company for many years. I took all that experience and packaged it nicely into an online learning platform. I’ll be honest with you, learning Simphony is not a trivial task, but I promise to make it as fun and easy as possible. 

What’s with the name SimSupport.online?

Sim is short for Simphony, so why not just call it Simphony Support? Well, because the name is trademarked and owned by Oracle Hospitality. 

So why use .online? Why not .com? Because I could not find any decent .com domains 🙂 

What can I do for you?

I created the online learning platform with dozens of videos on how to do everything in Simphony, from changing prices to adding employees and even creating your very own test lab. 

I created the largest Simpony Facebook group where you will find the answers to all your Simphony questions from myself and many others. 

I offer one on one support to all our students and members when they are stuck on something.

I post weekly free videos on YouTube on topics requested and recommended by the community. 

I am writing articles in the Journal about everything in Simphony. 

In short, this is a one-stop shop for anyone who wants to learn the Simphony POS. 

Once again, welcome to SimSupport.online!

Ready to become a Simphony Expert?

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