How to Program Repeat Items Round in Micros Simphony 19

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What are Repeat Items in Micros Simphony?

Repeat Items allow employees to re-order menu items from a previous round to make the service faster. Repeat Items are most commonly used in the Bar, where the guests typically order the same thing again and again.

You know when the bartender asks, “Would you like another round?” That’s when this function shines. 

How do we Program Repeat Items in EMC?

In order to Program Repeat Items properly, we must identify which items qualify to be repeatable. If we allow all items to be repeated, then it will become difficult to use because checks include food items and beverages alike. Typically we see the Beverages used as repeatable items. 

There are a few menu items that don’t work as repeatable items, and those are:

  • Weighed menu items

  • Combo meals

  • Voided menu items

  • Menu items that are programmed to allow a decimal entry

Now that we established which menu item we will program as repeat items, we will use two modules:

  • Menu Item Classes – to program the menu items
  • Page Design – to program the buttons

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Programming the Menu Item Classes

Repeat Items Class

The options bits that will help us program the repeat items in the menu item classes module are found under the option tab:

  • 25 – Use with Repeat Round Key: Select if menu items in this class can be reposted on guest checks using the Repeat Round key. For an item to be repeatable, you must make all associated condiments repeatable. Else, the parent menu item does not repeat when the Repeat Round key is used.
  • 26 – Keep Main Level With Repeat Rounds: Select for items in this class to use the same Main Menu Level that was in effect during the most recent service round when ordered using the Repeat Round key. Deselect to use current menu levels. For example, you can use a Main Level with Happy Hour prices, where Happy Hour ends at 7:00 pm. In this example, if you keep the Main Level, you will have an Extended Happy Hour.
  • 27 – Keep Sub Level with Repeat Round: Select for items in this class to use the same Sub Menu Level that was in effect during the most recent service round when ordered using the Repeat Round key. Deselect to use current menu levels. You can use a Sub Level for menu item sizing. If a pitcher of draft beer is ordered and service totaled, the Repeat Round key repeats the pitcher if this option is selected, but repeats only a pint of draft beer if deselected.
  • 69 – Prompt to lookup menu item definition based on current menu levels (Repeat Rounds): Select to prompt the workstation operator to look up a menu item definition based on the current menu levels when a repeatable menu item is unavailable. You must also select options 26 – Keep Main Level With Repeat Rounds and 27 – Keep Sub Level With Repeat Rounds.

I keep all of them checked for the Liquor, Beer, Wine, and N/A Beverages classes.

Option bit 25 is the one that allows the items to be used with the repeat round key.

Option bits 26 and 27 are enabled because I use the Single/Double functionality in Simphony with multiple menu levels. So if the first order was a double vodka with soda, the repeat round would also use the double menu level for the next order. 

Option bit 69 is good to have checked if you use the multiple levels for single/double or Happy Hour. I use the sub-menu levels for happy hour for beers. But if the guests order the first 2 rounds during HH and the third after HH has ended, the system will prompt the operator to select a new level since the HH level and pricing is not available anymore. 

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Programming the Repeat Item button in Page Design

The most commonly used function with Repeat Items is the “Repeat Round” function. When pressed, the Repeat Round will reorder all the qualifying menu items from a previous round. 

First, open Page Design and select your “Transactions” page, where you have all your menu items. I prefer to add my button on the bottom bar to access it quickly. 

Add your new button, name it “Repear Round,” and program it as a Function -> Repeat Round. 

Testing at the workstation, items that can be repeated will show a “<“ sign if they are from a previous round and a “*” sign if they are from a past round that cannot be repeated. This way, in case of multiple repeat rounds, the system will know which items to repeat. 

Programming the Touch Reorder button in Page Design

The second button we will program is Touch Reorder. This function will show a window where the employee can select which items to re-order. This function is a little slower since it requires a selection, but it’s great when the re-order is not exactly the same as the previous round. 

For example, if the first round was 3 beers and 1 vodka, and the next round was 3 beers and a gin, the operator can use the Touch Re-Order function to select the 3 beers and then add the gin separately. 

When testing at the workstation, the Touch Reorder function will show a pop-up with all the items present on the check (including food items). The operator will select the items they want to repeat and then push the reorder key. 

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Repeat Items in Micros Simphony

That’s it for this quick guide on using the Repeat Items Functions in Micros Simphony. 

  • Are you using the Repeat Items Functions in your system?
  • Do your bartenders find it useful?
  • Let me know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “How to Program Repeat Items Round in Micros Simphony 19”

  1. Avatar

    this is all very helpful and works with either the function: copy and function : touch reorder, however both will add the reorder amount to checks begun but will not post amounts to total revenue, food or beverage totals on report. i can’t find a work around

    1. Avatar

      Hey Druela,
      If I understand correctly, if you order an item regularly by selecting it from the screen it will post to total revenue, but if you use touch reorder it does not? And this happens even if you use the same menu item? That is a strange, I would test again to replicated the issue and report it as a bug. Touch reorder should not affect the reporting in any way.

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