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Why add a Logo on Guest Checks?

If you are interested in adding a logo to your guest check headers in Oracle Hospitality Simphony, you are in the right place. 

There are many restaurants in your area, and each of them has its own identity. You want your customers to remember your place and come back as often as possible. You should use your restaurant colors and logo as a marketing tool.

I’m sure you already have it in the front of the building and on the staff’s shirts, but one thing that guests as 100% guaranteed to look at is the check. 

We can add logos to the Guest Check Header and Credit Card Header if the credit cards are processed through Simphony directly. 

Happily, Simphony has a relatively easy way to add a logo to your guest check, so let’s dive right in!

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Step 1: Adjust your logo size

I’m sure you already have a logo, but it’s probably a relatively large file with pretty colors in .png or .jpeg format. Unfortunately, Simphony does not like that, it has stringent criteria when it comes to logos, primarily because of the limitations of the Epson thermal printers. 

So we need a simple logo in the correct format. Here are the requirements:

  • The image area must not exceed 98,304 pixels (multiply the size of your image)
  • The image width must not exceed 512 pixels
  • The image height must not exceed 384 pixels
  • Keep in mind that a 512 x 384 pixels image is 196,608 pixels, way above the maximum allowed, so I would cut those almost in half: 256 x 192.
  • The image format has to be “monochrome bitmap.” You can achieve this in Microsoft Paint by using the save as function. 
  • The File size may not exceed 8 kilobytes in size.
  • If you are a MAC user, you already have Parallels installed for EMC, so you can use Paint there.

The requirements are pretty strict because the receipt printers have a tiny buffer size, so here is how I get my logos ready:

  • Make a copy of your logo file – so you don’t ruin the original
  • Open it in Microsoft Pain (classic, not the 3D version)
  • Using the resize tool (in mixel mode), adjust the horizontal size to 256.

Using the Select and Crop Tools, change the Vertical size to 192 pixels:

  • Activate the select tool
  • Select an area of 256 x 192. 
  • Horizontally it is already 256 pixels, select the vertical axis by looking at the numbers at the bottom of the screen. 
  • After the selection is correct, press the crop tool. 

Note: Sizing the image is annoying to do in Paint, if you have access to another program like Canva, size it there and then open it back up in Paint for the final part. 

Now that the image is the correct size, we need to save it in the correct format, monochrome bitmap:

  • In Paint, Select File -> Save as -> Other formats
  • From the drop-down, select monochrome bitmap
  • Save

Finally, we need to double-check the file size. The pixel size should be 256 x 196, and the file size should be below 8 kilobytes:

  • Right-click on the new file
  • Select Properties
  • Check the Type and Size on the General Tab
  • Check the Pixel Size of the Details Tab

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Step 2: Upload Logo file to Simphony

In this next step, we will be uploading the file to EMC in order to add the logo on guest checks. 

  • Sign in to EMC
  • Open the Print Logos module (at the enterprise level)
  • Add a new record and name it accordingly
  • Load your image and save
Logo on Guest Checks

Step 3: Add Logo on Guest Checks and Receipts

Next, we will add the Logo on Guest Checks Headers, Customer Receipt Headers, and Credit Card Headers (if credit cards are processed through Simphony).

  • In the descriptors tab, open Guest Check Headers. This module can be found at all levels in Simphony. If you have a single property, or all properties share the same Logo, then add it at the Enterprise level. If you need to add individual logos for each property or even each RVC, then open the module at the property or RVC level. 
  • There are six lines available here to enter the restaurant information. We will use line 1 for the Logo and the other lines for the restaurant name, address, and phone number. 
  • In line 1, don’t enter anything, but check the “Use Logo” checkbox and select your Logo from the drop-down next to it.

You can do the same for Credit Card headers, which can be found just bellow Guest Check headers, in the Descriptors tab. 

Step 4: Set your printers to allow logos

The final step is to set up your printers to allow Logo printing:

  • Open the Printers module (property level)
  • Open the options bit for each printer
  • Enable Logo Printing for each printer. 

Note: Logo printing is only possible on Thermal printers, so the Thermal printer most likely needs to be checked as well. 

Step 5: Testing

After all the configuration is ready, go to the workstation, update the database and print a test receipt. 

Troubleshooting step: If the logo does not print right away, update and reboot the workstation and try again. 

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Video Demo

Logo on Guest Checks in Simphony

I hope you enjoyed my article on adding a logo on guest checks and that you found it helpful. Now it’s your turn!

  • Do you have any questions about a logo on guest checks?
  • Do you currently use a logo in your system?
  • Let me know in the comments below! 

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